27 Tax Loopholes Used By The Ultra Elite - Synvestable Exclusive

Tax Strategies So Effective That 18 Billionaires We Found Using Them Qualified For a Stimulus Check in 2020...

Secret IRS files and court cases reveal the top US income-earners and how their tax rates vary more than their incomes.

We take deep dive into the 27 most used strategies the ultra-wealthy use to pay little to no taxes.

These are the same tax strategies that billionaires used to qualify for a stimulus check in 2020.

By the end of this tax adventure, you’ll fully understand why wealth and income are two completely different things.

In this exclusive research, you will learn:

  • Corporate Shells
  • Tax Bracket Reduction Tools
  • Secret Debt Strategies
  • Off-shore Strategies
  • International Travel Writeoffs
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Capital Gains Strategies
  • IP Shifting
  • BEPS Tools
  • Special Tax Investment Vehicles
  • Tax-Free Retirement Accounts
  • Insurance Strategies
  • Carryforwards
  • Franked Investment Income

...and many, many more.

You simply don't come across research like this often—this little book will change your financial life for many years to come.

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